How to extend bearing life
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1. Lubrication is the key
Choose a suitable lubrication system and high-quality lubricants.
The lubricating oil film separates the oil film surfaces that are in contact with each other due to load, and provides the necessary protection against corrosion and wear. Therefore, for all rotating or reciprocating parts, especially bearings and gears, if normal operation is required, the lubricating oil film is not be lacked. If it is splash lubrication or circulating lubrication system, the oil film can also transfer heat.
Factories often experience unnecessary shutdowns and deterioration of equipment due to improper lubrication. Insufficient oil supply can lead to increased wear and temperature rise, causing excessive wear and/or early bearing failure and damage. Excessive lubrication, especially high-speed equipment, will generate excessive heat due to oil agitation, chemically degrade the lubricating oil, and cause bearing damage.
2. Correct lubrication and regular maintenance can avoid bearing damage caused by lubrication problems.
To ensure reasonable lubrication:
Follow the instructions set by the device manufacturer for each device.
When adding grease, it should be filled between the rolling parts of the bearing and the housing (or retainer) to ensure that sufficient grease enters and the surface of the key raceway is fully lubricated.
Should pay attention to when the bearing should be greased monitoring equipment
The indicating instrument of the equipment to detect signs of problems as early as possible, such as temperature fluctuations and/or abnormal high temperatures.
Pay attention to equipment noise or abnormal vibration.
Observe for lubricant leakage.
Regularly sample the lubricating oil and check for contamination.

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