Top 10 Bearing Manufacturers In China
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In 2020, China’s policy orientation will continue to guide capital investment in key areas of the bearing industry. With the top 10 bearing manufacturers in China as the leader, the bearing industry will be tilted towards high-precision, high-tech content and high value-added products, accelerating the bearing industry. upgrade. Driven by the development of various fields such as rail transit, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, and automotive light weighting, the level of China’s high-end bearing casting industry will be significantly improved. As the focus of global manufacturing shifts to China, the development of China’s high-end bearing industry has a strong impetus, and the requirements for domestic high-end bearing manufacturers have become higher and higher. At present, China’s bearing casting industry must focus on improving product grades and reducing manufacturing costs to achieve a strategic transition from “big” to “strong”.

No.1 Wafangdian Bearing Co., Ltd—  ZWZ

No. 2 Luoyang Bearing Corp. (Group)- LYC

No.3 Harbin bearing group co. ltd. — HRB

No. 4 Renben Group Co., Ltd  — C & U

No.5 Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., Ltd– ZYS

No.6 Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Limited company– TMB

No.7 Xibei Bearing Co., Ltd.– NXZ

No.8 Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd. ZXY

No. 9 Fujian Longxi Bearing group corporation limited — LS

No.10 Wanxiang Group Corporation–QC Bearing


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